A Pleasant Surprise: SAF sponsored family has their fortunes change in an unimaginable way!

(July 23, 2017) LUDHIANA - In January this year, SAF Canada surveyors approved Gurpreet Singh's Son for the Educate-A-Child program. His family lives out of a small one bedroom home in Ludhiana and their only mode of transportation is a bicycle. Six months later our surveyors returned to do a routine, follow up and we were blown away by what we saw. Gurpreet Singh, now adorning a beautiful beard dastar, and kirpan, greeted us, followed by his wife and young child - Inspired by the Seva SAF has done, the whole family had taken Amrit! We are Baffled by the transformation of Gurpreet Singh's family and are forever grateful for Maharaj Ji's love and blessings in letting our Seva become a form of Parchar.

Who knows, maybe your sponsorship of a child can lead the family into Gursikhi ! We dont have the manpower to do our calculations of how many families have changed back to Sikhi.. but i can say its close to 3-5 per year.