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May 15, 2006     Jalandhar, Punjab

Akanksha likes going to the Gurdwara of RajaSahib and enjoys eating daal & rice. She is doing great in school and had a GPA of 78% in grade 5. Unfortunately, she has had a very tough childhood. Her mom Surinder Kaur got married back in 2002 in Bhopal,India. Her drunked husband & in-laws would beat her, abuse her and throw her out of the house for days. She finally had the courge to make the decision to leave her husband and come back to Punjab in 2015. The house where the family now lives is not theirs, its given to them by a family that is living in England to use for free. Surinder & the kids are using 1 room out of this for themselves. The family has basically no source of income and is in complete distress.

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