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30 August 2004     Gurdaspur, Punjab

Akash lives in Gurdaspur with his mother and brother. His father passed away in 2005 leaving Akash’s family completely alone. Akash’s mother was able to find work cleaning other people’s houses, but she only makes 12,000 rupees a month ($240 CAD). Every single day is a struggle to survive. Akash and his brother go to school, but their mother is afraid she will no longer be able to pay their school fees. They live in a single room house where the floor and walls are made of mud. They do not have access to proper heating, clean water, or electricity. Akash and his family are in desperate need of your help.

If you sponsor Akash today, SAF CANADA can make sure he continues to go to school and can one day break the cycle of poverty. With a little help from you, impoverished children living in India can receive the opportunity to succeed in life. Sponsor Akash today and give him the hope of a better future.

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