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July 12, 2008     Gurdaspur, Punjab

Amandeep Singh lives with his sister and mother in the Gurdaspur District. He aspires to one day join the military but right now his favourite thing to do is study. And he’s good at it too, with an average of over 80% he is a top a student in his class. Amandeep Singh has had a difficult childhood, at an early age his father passed away in an unfortunate accident. Since then their Mother has been supporting the family. Working long hours at a small, village corner shop, Amandeep’s mother only earns a monthly salary of $61 of which one-third goes to his and his sister's education.

Amandeep's family is in need of desperate support. India’s societal constructs are not kind to single mothers and it is common for families like Amandeep Singhs to end up on the streets. A woman like Amandeep’s  mother does not get access to government support systems and are destined to fail. With your support, SAF Canada can help Amandeep and his sister stay in school without burdening their mother. Your monthly contribution will cover his tuition fees, school supplies, textbook costs, and medical expenses for his or any member of his immediate family. Sponsor Amandeep today and join SAF CANADA in the fight against poverty.

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