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22 July 2007     Alwar, Rajasthan

Amanpreet is a bright young boy living with his family in Rajasthan. Amanpreet and his family are Sikligar Sikhs, a community with a rich history in Punjab – Sikligar Sikhs were entrusted with polishing weapons and making swords for the Sikh Gurus in Punjab. Now, however, Sikligar Sikhs are economically marginalized and many children are forced to quit school and work as labourers. Amanpreet’s dad is also a labourer – he does get work every day and even on days he manages to find work, he earns very little. Each day is a struggle to feed his family. Amanpreet’s dad wants a better future for his son and wishes he could give him the opportunities every child deserves, but there is not much he can do. But you can – by sponsoring Amanpreet, you can make sure he goes to school and receives every opportunity for success his father wishes he could give him. Early child education is important for giving children living in poverty the opportunity to uplift their communities. Please sponsor Amanpreet today and change the world!


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