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January 01, 2017     Vadodra, Gujarat

Arshdeep Singh lives in the Vadodara District in Gujarat with his family. Alongside his sister, He enjoys learning kirtan at the SAF Gurmat Academy and he is very good at it too. Education costs in their area are extremely high, upwards of almost 10000 rupees a month. Their father struggles to keep them in school while also making payments. He works long hours as a taxi driver earning 15000 rupees a month, of which 7000 rupees go to the taxi’s lease payments. Arshdeep’s family can only afford to live in a 10 by 10 room, in which they do everything whether it be eating, sleeping, or homework. Life is not easy for their family who desperately need hope to carry on.

Through your generosity, we can provide families like Arshdeep Singh’s with this hope. Should you choose to sponsor him, through your contributions, we can ensure that Arshdeep Singh Stays in school and continues to learn. Your monthly donation will cover his tuition fees, school supplies, textbook costs, and medical expenses for him or any member of his immediate family. Sponsor Arshdeep Singh and join SAF in the fight against poverty.

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