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February 12, 2010     Gurdaspur, Punjab

Baljit Kaur lives in the Gurdaspur district with her mother, father, and brother. Her greatest role models in her life are her parents and for good reason too. Both of them work extremely in order to provide for their family. Her father works tirelessly as a labourer while her mother spends days away from home as a maid. Unfortunately, their hard work barely pays off as their combined salary is only $130 a month. In order to afford their monthly expenses, Baljit and her family live in a small concrete room. Their family is in desperate need of help.

If you sponsor Baljit today, SAF CANADA can ensure Baljit stays in school regardless of the financial difficulties her family faces. Through your support, Baljit will have access to all the opportunities every child deserves. Your monthly contribution will cover her tuition fees, school supplies, textbook costs, and medical expenses for her or any member of her immediate family. This will lift the burden of paying for Baljit's education off her parent's shoulders. Educating young children is an important step in ending poverty around the world. Sponsor Baljit today and join SAF CANADA in the fight against poverty.

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