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30 January 2004     Jodhan Area(LDH), Punjab

Balraj Singh lives with his mother and father in a small village located in the Ludhiana district of Punjab. He likes to play soccer with his friends and talk to his teachers at school. Both of Balraj’s parents, however, are disabled – his father suffered from a hernia, and after the operation, he was no longer able to work. Balraj’s mother has polio and has difficult moving around on her own, but she was still able to find work in the angalvaari (kindergarten class) of a school as a caretaker. Her income is the family’s only source of income. Balraj’s parents do not want their disabilities and medical problems to become a burden for their son or prevent him from achieving his dreams, but they can no longer afford to pay Balraj’s tuition fees.

If you sponsor Balraj today, SAF CANADA can make sure he continues to go to school despite his parents’ physical disabilities. Your contribution will allow Balraj to receive a proper education and make his parents proud. With a little help from you, children living in poverty can live happy and fulfilling lives. Sponsor Balraj today and give him the hope of a better future.

Grade: 6th | Age: 12

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