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09 May 2009     Mullanpur Area, Punjab

Bhawanpreet’s dad used to be a kabaddi player. Unfortunately, in 2009, he sustained a serious injury to his back bone which left him paralyzed from the waist down. Once a great player, Bhawanpreet’s father cannot even go to the toilet by himself. Bhawanpreet’s mother has to look after her husband from morning till night and therefore, cannot work. With no source of income, Bhawanpreet’s family is barely able to feed and clothe themselves and her father cannot receive the medicine he needs, which costs about 5000 rupees each month. In order to survive, his old friends from kabaddi take Bhawanpreet’s father to kabaddi tournaments during the summer and he is forced to beg for money. Bhawanpreet and her sister wish her father did not have to beg for them. Bhawanpreet wants a better life for her family, but she needs your help.

If you sponsor Bhawanpreet today, SAF CANADA can make sure that not only does Bhawanpreet continue to go to school without worrying about how to pay for tuition fees and school supplies, but we can also ensure her father receives the medicine he desperately needs. When you sponsor a child, SAF CANADA will cover any medical expense for every member of the child’s immediate family member. We cannot expect children to go to school and strive for success when they see their loved ones suffering at home. Sponsor Bhawanpreet today and together we can give her a life filled with happiness and hope.

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