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05 September 2010     Alwar, Rajasthan

Bittu Singh is just seven years old, but he is a bright and ambitious child. He lives with his parents, grandfather, and two sisters in a single rental room. There is not enough space, but it is all they can afford. His father is an iron welder and makes about 5000 rupees each month, which is not enough to cover the basic expenses for a family of 6 and live in a proper house. Bittu’s parents are afraid they will no longer be able to send him to school and he will have to begin working at a young age to help provide for the family.

Poverty is a major factor behind child labour - with your support, we can make sure that Bittu has a chance to go to school and live a normal childhood despite the financial difficulties of his family. Every child deserves a chance to learn. Please sponsor Bittu today and change a child’s life for the better.


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