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22 June 2011     Baba Bakala, Amritsar

Ekamnoor Kaur lives in a small village in the Amritsar district of Punjab with her family. Her father is a small farmer. Agriculture contributes to about 15 per cent of India’s economy, but small farmers are some of the poorest people in the country. Small and marginal farmers also make up around 80 per cent of all the farming households in India. Due their lack of access to good seeds, fertilizers, and agricultural training their farmingis suffering from low productivity and low quality. For these farmers simple month-to-month expenses such as food, medicine, and their children’s education become unmanageable financial burdens.Like many other farmers across the country, Ekamnoor’s father is also struggling and is in desperate need of help.

If you sponsor Ekamnoor today, SAF CANADA can make sure her family’s financial difficulties do not affect her studies. She can continue her education and will have access to all the opportunities every child deserves. Your monthly contribution will allow this young girl to continue to go to school and give her the hope of a better future. Educating young children is an important step in ending poverty around the world. Sponsor Ekamnoor today and make the world a better place for children everywhere.

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