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12 February 2006     Mansa, Punjab

Gurleen Kaur lives with her brother and grandmother in Mansa, Punjab. Gurleen is still young, but she has experienced a lot of tragedy and lost many loved ones in her life. In 2003, her grandfather committed suicide after years of suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. His addictions left Gurleen’s grandmother with a debt of 300, 000 rupees, so in order to clear it, she was forced to sell off one acre of the family’s land. Gurleen’s father also committed suicide in 2009, when he was just 24 years old. He was a farmer, but in order to irrigate his fields, he had taken on 100, 000 rupees in debt. With the failure of the irrigation system, two unmarried sisters, and two of his own children left to raise, Gurleen’s father was unable to live with these burdens and took his own life. After her son’s death, Gurleen’s grandmother sold off two more acres of land so she could pay for her daughters’ marriages. Now Gurleen’s family only has two acres of land left. Her grandmother is in desperate need of financial aid so she can continue providing for her two grandchildren – she is all that Gurleen and her brother have left.


If you sponsor Gurleen today, you can make sure she continues to go to school and has the chance to improve the future of her family. With a proper education, as well as basic access to school supplies, textbooks, and safe transportation to school, children living in poverty can receive the opportunity to succeed in life. Sponsor Gurleen today and give her the hope of a better life.

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