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August 19, 2011     Tarn Taran, Punjab

Gursewak Singh lives with his family in the Tarntaran District of Punjab. He hopes to one day got to college but right now his favorite thing to do is play at the park. His mom wants to keep Gursewak and his brother in school with friends, however, being a single mother in India is financially very difficult. The societal structure in India doesn't allow a fair chance for women, who are often overlooked by employers, to be the providers for a family. Despite her husband's passing away a few years ago, the government in any way has not helped her either. She currently works as a housekeeper for two different homes, where her primary work is taking care of cows. A gruesome job that involves long hours in horrid work conditions. Despite working tirelessly she only earns a total of 17$ a month.

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