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October 20, 2005     Tarn Taran, Punjab

Gursewak is a smart child who exceeded expectation with a A+ in grade 3. He likes playing football in his extra time. Gursewak's father met with an accident that has halted him from working as a truck mechanic in a small shop, hence his mother has taken on jobs, cleaning people houses and trying to meet ends. Together they are 4 siblings, elder sister has been married off, elder brother is mentally not stable so he isn't schooling and stays home. His eldest sister is 40 and unmarried, who stays with them aswell. This family is struggling to meet ends whereas Gursewak hasn't given up and is doing great in school.

Should you choose to sponsor Gursewak, SAF Canada can ensure that he stays in school. Your monthly contribution will cover his tuition fees, school supplies, textbook costs, and medical expenses for him or any member of his immediate family. Moreover, your contribution will also allow Gursewak's Mother to focus on providing her family with basic necessities. Educating young children is an important step in ending poverty around the world. Sponsor Gursewak today and join SAF CANADA in the fight against poverty.

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