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August 15, 2009     Fazilka, Punjab

Harpreet Kaur is 8 years old and lives in Fazalka, Punjab with her parents and brother.  Her favourite colour is pink and she loves to eat noodles.  Her house has a total of 3 small bedrooms, and the floor of the house is made of mud. Harpreet’s father owns 2 acres of land, which is only enough to cover the expenses that come with the land.  He has 3 brothers, and collectively they had taken a loan of $52K from the bank to assist with their accrued expenses due to crop failure. One of Harpreet’s uncles ended up committing suicide due to the stress of the loan. The water that they use for the crops comes from the river through small canals that are sometimes dried out.  Harpreet loves going to school and dreams of becoming a teacher someday. 

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Designation: Farmer Under Burden(Usually Commit Suicide)

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