House Rebuild & Repairs

Since the inception Sikhi Awareness Foundation, we have been rebuilding/repairing houses all over Punjab and Jammu. These projects are big and require a lot of resources. So far we have rebuilt five houses and repaired two houses. Both of the houses that were repaired belonged to the families of farmers who committed suicide.

These families live in dire poverty. One can say that they basically live under the blue sky and because of Sangats’ support; these families now have a roof over their head.

It does not cost a lot to build someone a house. One can easily do it by finding a needy family in their own village back in India. It costs SAF an average of $6000.00CAD to rebuild a one bedroom house. If we can all start helping just one family per year, most of the people in Punjab district will have a roof over their head. If we want change in Punjab then it is imperative to take action and become involved.

Together we can prevent families from becoming homeless, children from becoming uneducated, and our youth from becoming drug addicts. It is time to act now before it is too late.