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March 17, 2010     Amritsar, Punjab

Jagpreet Singh lives in Amritsar with his family. His favourite colour is blue and he likes to play soccer for fun. His family is originally from Rajasthan, but they migrated to Punjab in hopes of a better life. Jagpreet’s parents worked really hard and eventually saved up enough money to buy a piece of land in Rajasthan and return home. Unfortunately, the land had no groundwater source, and therefore, was not usable for farming. After this loss, Jagpreet’s family had to return to Punjab. They have no home or place to call their own and are currently living with a relative. Jagpreet’s father is a machine-worker and is trying very hard to provide for his wife and three children, but he only earns 7,000 rupees each month – that’s only $140 CAD. This is not enough to feed and clothe a family of five, let alone educate three children.

Jagpreet’s parents came to Punjab with the hope that they could give their children the opportunities that they never had, but the reality of migrant workers is often disappointing. Often times, young children must sacrifice their education due to the financial burden on their families and begin working from a young age, but educating young boys like Jagpreet is the key to ending poverty around the world. If you sponsor him today, we will be able to make sure that nothing robs this young child of the opportunity to learn and give him the hope of a better future. Your monthly contribution will cover Jagpreet’s tuition fees, school supplies, textbook costs, and medical expenses for him or any member of his immediate family. Educating young children is an important step in ending poverty around the world. Sponsor Jagpreet today and join SAF CANADA in the fight against poverty.

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