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Sept 21, 2009     Ludhiana, Punjab

Jasleen's favorite color is pink and her favorite food is paneer(cheese). Unfortunately, life is not favoring Jasleen's family, especially her father. Jasleen's father has to get dialysis done every week thus is unable to work due to health reasons. GNE College students from Ludhiana pitch in money to pay for Jasleen's fathers medical examinations and dialysis. The family's house is only a single room that they live in.

Jasleen's parents want their daughter to go to school and get a good education, but they cannot afford to pay her tuition much longer, especially if anyone else in their family falls sick and needs medical treatment. Medical expenses in India are extremely high and capable of devastating families. Medicine is a right, not a privilege. When you sponsor a child through SAF CANADA, along with covering the child’s tuition fees we make sure every member of a child’s immediate family receives the medical treatment they need. If you sponsor Jasleen today, we will be able to make sure that nothing robs this young girl of the opportunity to learn and the chance for her family to live a happy, healthy life.

Class: 3rd | Age: 8

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