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7 September 2001      

Jasleen is 15 years old and currently in grade 9. She lives with her parents, siblings, and grandparents in Jammu. Jasleen loves to learn and is a straight A student. She has big dreams and hopes to attend university someday. Unfortunately, the odds are already against her. Her dad has been suffering from a physical disability for the past 20 years, preventing him from working and earning any money for his family. The only source of income for this family of 6 is Jasleen’s brother’s wages from his job as a dishwasher. Jasleen’s family can no longer afford to pay for her education despite her potential and passion for school. Sponsor Jasleen today, and you can ensure she continues to receive the education and opportunities every child deserves. Supporting the education of young girls like Jasleen is the key to ending poverty in India and around the world. Make a difference today.

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