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20 January 2008     Sidhwan Area, Ludhiana

Jasleen Kaur lives with her parents and sister in a small village located in the Ludhiana district of Punjab. Her father works as a school janitor and manages to make about 6, 000 rupees each month. That is only $120 CAD. Jasleen’s father is having difficulty paying for necessary monthly expenses, including his daughters’ school fees. Jasleen, her sister, and both of her parents all live in a single room because they cannot afford a proper home. Despite his financial burdens, he still finds time to help others in the village and volunteer at the village Gurdwara. The entire village admires Jasleen’s father and commends his devotion to seva (selfless service). Jasleen father wants his daughters to also grow up to be kind and compassionate human beings, but believes that their ability to help others will be limited if they do not receive a proper education.

If you sponsor Jasleen today, SAF CANADA can make sure her family has everything they need to live happily and she can continue going to school. Your contribution will allow this young girl to live her life free from the crippling burden of poverty. With a little help from you, children living in poverty can receive the opportunity they need to succeed in life. Sponsor Jasleen today and give her the hope of a better future.

Grade:4 | Age: 8

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