Privacy Policy

SAF CANADA recognizes and respects the privacy of our online visitors. SAF CANADA only collects the personal information that website visitors willfully disclose. Visitors may choose to share said information while signing up for our e-newsletter, making donations online, or contacting us through the website, www.safcanada.org. Any information collected on this website is used solely by SAF CANADA for internal purposes and will not be shared or disclosed to any third parties without the knowledge or the expressed consent of the online visitor.

SAF CANADA does not sell contact lists or personal user information to any third parties, telecom providers, internet service providers, or any other marketing agencies. In certain cases, SAF CANADA may share personally identifiable information with third parties when the person submitting the information authorizes SAF CANADA, in writing, to share that personally identifiable information with third parties. In the event that SAF CANADA is required to disclose and share personally identifiable information with enforcement agencies, judicial authorities, quasi-judicial authorities or any other administrative or legally constituted authorities under the mandate of the laws of Canada, then SAF CANADA is be legally bound to share and disclose the information. Personal information provided to SAF CANADA will be presumed to be correct as submitted. SAF CANADA assumes no liability for the correctness or validity of such information.

We care about the safety and security of your online donation. SAF CANADA uses secure encrypted donation services, which can send and receive private information across the public Internet. All online donations made on our website are secured with a SSL Certificate from GODADDY. No credit card information is stored on our web servers as all transactions go thru HELCIM which is responsible for the transactions. No financial information is ever stored on SAF CANADA servers.

If you have any questions or clarifications about our Privacy Policy or our website, please contact: info@safcanada.org.